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Welcome to Transport

Being one of many descendants of those individuals who have come to rest at Transport after their life's journey, I am just beginning to understand the historical significance of this final resting place.

As a child, walking through the cemetery with my father, the late Honorable Billy Williamson, I was shown the final resting place of my ancestors and given information about who they were and their relationship to me. This is how the memories and stories are continued from generation to generation. This opened a door in my heart for the love of family history, genealogy and stories. There are stories not yet listened too, yet still remembered by members of this community. It is important to pass these on. They are historical, thought provoking and yes, at times funny.

As such, this site is a place to stir memories of loved ones, remember and preserve stories passed down through the generations. Take a tour of the historical site known as Transport and learn more about those that rest here!


History of Transport


The name Transport is not only timely but has historical significance as well. Benjamin Lucas Stovall has been credited with the founding and naming of the cemetery. In an article written by H.B. Bozeman, the meaning of the name and its significance was detailed. Apparently, Bozeman knew and understood that Benjamin and neighbor David Caldwell were devout Methodist and well read for the time as stated by Bozeman “above the average in book learning”, as a result the name Transport was taken from the Bible passage, II Kings 2:9-12 whereby the Prophet Elijah used the term “Translate” meaning to pass from earth to Heaven or rather Transport, this is where the name originated (Bozeman, 1968).

Bozeman goes on to state that the first burials in the cemetery were that of Benjamin L. Stovall Jr., infant son of Benjamin L. Stovall Sr., and Elizabeth Warren, as well as the wife of Transport’s co-founder David Caldwell, Nancy Phillips Caldwell was laid to rest at Transport in 1864.

Now as stories go and as noted in the Cemetery Census, there are three children resting in Transport with burial dates preceding those of young Stovall and Nancy Phillips Caldwell. Florence, Lavinia and Texaner Pepper were laid to rest in 1862 and 1863 respectively. It would now appear that there may have been one or two other founding families as the Pepper's children indicate they were indeed the first to lie at rest in what is now Transport. Perhaps Benjamin L. Stovall and David Caldwell saw the need to distinguish such an historical place by providing a distinguished name for eternity.


Over the years and generations the descendants of the founding families along with the relatives of others buried within the boundaries of Transport have continued to maintain a family tradition. This tradition is to gather at Transport, once a year on the Saturday before Memorial Day to clean up the cemetery and enjoy the fellowship of the families which are linked together as a result of this place. While the “clean up” is no longer the strenuous ordeal it has been in the past simply because of the Transport Cemetery Association's formation to deal with these issues, the day is a gathering for fellowship, kinship and the honoring of our forefathers as well as the annual Board of Directors meeting.


Although many individuals over the years have dedicated time, effort and donated money to the preservation and maintenance of Transport one individual needs recognition as the leader of this effort. Bashie Stovall Pullen led a relentless family crusade to keep, maintain and improve Transport on the Saturday before Memorial Day. Bashie passed in 1932 and is resting peacefully within her beloved Transport. I recently learned that Bashie paid to have the pavilion at Transport erected to shelter the bereaved from heat and bad weather. It still stands and is used to this day.


Take pleasure in this site as it has been constructed for you. Add to it by supplying information via e-mail. Donate to TCA to help maintain the cemetery and the website. Enjoy!


Sherri Lynn Williamson Schrat

Stovall Descendant

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